32 bit vs 64 bit N5. Not seeing any advantages

OK, so i recently did a full OS upgrade to Win 7 64. In this reinstall i only loaded N5 64 bit, thinking it would be all i needed. I started noticing some of my projects weighing heavily on my ASIO meter. So decided to install N5 32 bit so i could run a test to see if my concerns were legit.

Here is what I did.

Left my RME at 3ms latency
Launched each song in 32 and 64 bit with NO changes what so ever.

Song 1 has 1 VSTi and probably 30 tracks.
In 64 bit during playback the ASIO hovers around 75% with peaks
In 32 bit during playback it hovers around 40-50%

Song 2 has about 30 audio tracks and 3 VSTi’s.
In 64 bit during playback its easily at 80% with many cracks and flutters, basically unusable, as it pings the red light all the time.
In 32 bit during playback its 30-40%…with the occasional flutter to 50%.

I don’t know really what is going on, but I do know so far the 64 bit stuff is over rated and unusable for me. Don’t know where any benefits are supposed to be in 64 bit, but I see it as a huge step backwards.

Anyone else notice the same?


What vsti are you using? True 64 bit?

Native Instruments.

On the one with 3 VSTi’s i have the Steven Slate Drums, B4 organ and the New York Grand piano.

According to the NI install DVD, it installs both 64 and 32 bit versions.

You have some advise for me in respect to the VSTi’s?

No I have not. But I’d report this problem to NI first…

Well a Computer Guru buddy of mine just reported back that it may be due to my Processor being a 32 bit processor and having to work twice as hard on 64 bit apps.

Oh well, not planning a hardware upgrade anytime soon. So i’ll live with it.

Do you have q6700 processor? It’s 64 bit.

Well, i dont know…honestly. Here is what i have from the invoice back in 12/2007

CPU INTEL|C2Q Q6700 2.66G 65N 8M R

Do you speak GEEK (not greek!) enough to decifer what that is?

im not a computer geek but as logic would dictate if your running 64 bit os and program software one would need 64 bit processors, but thats just me,

I am pretty sure my processor is 64 bit. I have consulted with my computer geek pal, with the info i provided above and he confirmed its a 64 bit processor.

I can only say that my processor is older then yours and I can’t see performance downgrade. Can be something to do with MOBO settings.

Big words… well no, I do not notice the same.
~2004: Kontakt, Gigastudio + misc VSTi spread accross 5-6 machines (x86), total 15-18 GIG RAM load.
~2009: 32-48 GIG Ram load in 1 machine (x64), less power consumption, less administor time, less complicated routing

64 bit was a quantum leap forward.
Never had performance drops like the one you mentionend. Perhaps some 32 bit bridged component is holding up your system. My CPUs are mostly sleeping at a max of 40%-60%, no matter how much I throw at them. But I only use native 64 bit components, no bridging of plugins whatsoever.
In your case you might not need 64 bit at all. Do your projects ever exceed 3 GIG RAM?

Well, honestly i have no idea how to tell how much memory consumption my computer is using on a given project. I keep my eye on my Asio meter.

How can see how much memory is being used? As simple as a C/Alt/Del??

Also, the only real plug ins i use, and use them in extreme abundance, is the UAD stuff. I have 4 UAD1 PCIe cards and run those to near 70%. I have a UAD2 Quad on order and will removed the 1e from the system soon. Could this be the root of the problem?

UAD are 32 bit. That’s the problem.

Thats what i feared. I am too addicted to UAD stuff to even consider not using it. So i will stay in 32 bit till UA gets its 64 bit act together.

What i might try tonight is to open one of these projects in 64 bit and start removing the UAD plugs to see what it does to my ASIO meter.

On the UA forums, all i see are the problems folks have with the J-Bridge thing. Kinda scares me. If were just for me and my demo work, not a problem. But i cant risk stuff freaking out when i do commercial biz.

Does the JBridge make the UA stuff work properly in reguards to the ASIO loading?

OK, i took song 2 :

"Song 2 has about 30 audio tracks and 3 VSTi’s.
In 64 bit during playback its easily at 80% with many cracks and flutters, basically unusable, as it pings the red light all the time."

Left my RME at 3ms latency. And started removing all the UAD plug ins. After they were all removed, my ASIO meter was hovering at 10% when the system was idle. During playback i would see it max out around 30 but mainly hover at around 20-25%.

The UAD1 PCIe cards are simply not happy in 64 bit land. I assume i will experience the same with the UAD2 quad that should be arriving any day now. Look like i will stay in 32 bit till UA comes up with a solution.

Nuendo 32 bit dosn’t use the j-bridge, and should run flawlessly on a w7 64 OS. In that way (W7x64+N32bit) your UA stuff should work all well :mrgreen:


AFAIK the UAD1 are PCI 32bit (fully supported by W7,even x64;) while the UAD2 are PCI-e (x4) 64bit (which will not be supported by 32bit host app) :arrow_right:

Correct. Here is the bottleneck.

Denicio, yes a simple way to check how much RAM you need is loading your most complex arrangement in Nuendo, then check the task manager, in the process tab take a look at how much the Nuendo.exe is consuming. I´d say if the process is significantly below 3 Gigabyte, definitely go for the 32-bit Nuendo Version and plugins. Your life will be much easier, not needing any bottleneck bridge technology.

All UAD plugins are 32bit. It makes no difference if you are on UAD1 or UAD2. The only issue is that the drivers for the UAD1 are only 32bit, but I don’t know if this is the problem here.

Basically, most UAD plugins work like a charme even with the N5 built-in VSTbridge. Some cause issues, those need to be jBridged (TapeEcho is the worst).

For a production environment, I see no problems installing jBridge. It will not do any mess to your system and takes about 20 minutes when you want to do all UADs and a few other trouble-makers. Just make sure you understand the structure of jBridge and create folders in a smart way BEFORE you have them translated by jBridge.

And yes, 64bit is absolutely great (except missing 64-bit QuickTime… f*** Apple seems to focus on surveilling their iPhone/iPad customers instead of programming useful things…). Most native 64bit plugins are lightning fast, and so is Nuendo. Plus, having tons of memory available is what we all have been waiting for since years, now it’s no problem anymore.