32-bit vstplugins into Cubase LE 7 64-bit

I have several old vstplugins which for sure are 32-bit. They come from third-party vendors (EastWest Quantum Leap, Applied Acoustics, Native Instruments, Etc.).

I copied these third-party DLL plug-ins into the folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 7\VSTPlugins. But they are not available into Cubase.

Any help?

Check in the “Plug-in Information” window under the Devices menu. (Page 183 in the Operation Manual.)

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To Elektrobolt:
My third-party plug-ins are into that list, but I cannot see them into the available vst instruments, when I try to set them to a (MIDI) track.

Well, you need load it first (in an instrument track or in the rack (F11)).

That list contains the plugins that Cubase can see. Now you will have to instantiate (create one or more instance) of the plugins to be able to use them.

A MIDI Track is used to play a VST instrument instance created in the Instrument Rack. (More information on the rack is in the operation manual.)

You can also create an Instrument Track which is a track and instrument “bound” to each other. It is for all intents and purposes a MIDI track and a VST instrument instance contained within one dedicated track. You can create many Instrument Tracks. You create this type of track just like a MIDI Track (but obviously selecting Instrument Track instead, then the plugin you want to use).

Good decision to run 32-bit plug-ins in 64-bit environment: http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/
Cubase 64x simply do not see your 32x bit VSTi. This program can help.

Jbridge is a great option, but in my case all 32bit VST/VSTi that I use (Embracer, IK Miroslav, and so on) is running fine at Cubase 64 bits with the Steinberg VST bridge.

If I create an instrument track, and in creation-time, I choose the third-party plug-in, everything goes well. I can later change to another third-party plug-ing on this instrument track. But all this, ONLY if I set the third-party plug-in in createion-time (of the instrument track).

Is this the normal behavior of Cubase?

Yes. That list only shows all your options, but to be able to use it, you need to load it (in an instrument track or in VST rack).

Thank you Makunbaria. I see that the old GODD (and easy) capacity of Cubase has gone. I should stay in muy old Cubase 5.

This confirms the popular saying: “if it is good, the manufacturer will send it to trash sooner or later”.

Thank you all for your help!