32 channel recording artist 9 with a 01v96i and a dm1000

Hi there guy’s,

Im trying to record 32 channels in cubase artist 9. Im using a Yamaha DM1000 and a Yamaha 01v96i. Im trying to get the first 16 channel from the DM1000 and channel 17-32 from the 01v96i. Both by usb cable directly in the host input/output. My DAW is is by far strong enough for the thask so that wont give any problems.

Ok the problem now is, when i signed the daw from both devices on usb (doesnt matter what id i give them), setup both devices twice in device setup (dont know if this is the way, read it somewhere) and try to signe the vst connection. I only see the 01v96i with 16 channels. And when i look at midi input from midi channel i see 8 01v96i, 8 dm1000 and 16 vsl channels to select.

I know it must be 1 small thing i overlook but fighting this for 3 day now and im ready to move on

Hi and welcome,

You cannot use two different ASIO devices at once. You can cascade some ASIO devices (01v96i can do this).

ok thanks tot the reply.

1 more question. When you cascade the divices is it possible to record 32 channels when you use 2x 16 channel divice?

thx in regard

Yes, you can. Cubase recognise the sum of all inputs of the cascaded devices. In case of 01v96i you can cascaded up to 3 devices, if I’m right.

ok great. thx