32 vs 64 bit - VST ussage

I have Windows 10 64. If I install Cubase in a 32 bit version, will I be able to use my spectrasonics 32 bit vst’s or will the 64 bit OS prevent them from working? I’m hoping someone might advise me before I wipe the entire OS to 32 bit.


It works, but it might be better to just use the latest version of Cubase with jBridge. If you’re using really old Spectrasonics plugins then you should consider upgrading them, since the new versions include all old stuff along with a ridiculous amount of even better new content.

Ok I’ll try the Jbridge but I read it was buggy and could be a waste of money. Yes, eventually I plan on upgrading both my atmosphere and trilogy modules. Looking forward to that. Thanks for the help Romantique.