32 vs 64 bit

Due to strange graphics driver problems cubase 64 bit will not run on my windows 7 64 bit computer (but other 64 bit programs will). Hopefully the next driver update will fix this, but until then I will use 32 bit as it runs just fine. My question is, will I be missing out on anything by downgrading from the 64 to the 32?

I know that 32 can only use about 4 gigs of ram while 64 can use something like 17 billion, but my laptop only has 4 gigs of ram on it anyways (plus 2 gigs of “vram”… whatever that is). Will there be any sound quality differences or differences in the amount of cpu intensive vsts I can run?

And then two compatibility questions:

If and when the driver is updated and allows me to run 64 bit cubase again, will my projects saved in 32 bit be able to open or at least translate into 64 bit?


Can I run my 64 bit vsts in 32 bit cubase or will I need to use their 32 bit versions?


Aloha C,

There should be no difference in sound quality 32 or 64 bit.
The only diff is how much ram can be accessed.

HTH (hope this helps)

32 and 64 bit projects are fully compatible with eachother, as long as the plugins are available for both.
You can’t run 64-bit plugins in 32-bit Cubase. You can run 32-bit in 64, but this is not guaranteed to be stable. If you have both versions of a plugin, it’s certainly safest to just use both for each respective version of Cubase.

Which graphics driver are you using ? There are others around that could help, even a roll back to a previous one might solve it. You on Nvidia or ATI ?