32bit 24bit same project

Im currently working on some of my songs that have been work in progress for far too long.
I decided to sort them once and for all they have been recorded over the last year or so and most were done @ 48hz 24bit.
For the last month or two i decided to move to 32bit float so some of my newer songs are done 48hz 32bit
some of the older ones only need the odd few tracks re-recording as their are some nice performences their.
I would preffer to record the new parts in 32bit float.

Will this be ok to leave the 24bit tracks along side the 32bit ones or will it have some effect the over all mixdowns at the end :question:

mixdowns will be done @ 48hz 32bit.

Thanks in advance


Yes, totally…


Ah great news thanks a lot :smiley: