32bit compatibility gone after reinstall Mac

hey there, I just did a clean install on my system ( Ram failure, then weird issues with projects after replacement…) back on OSX 10.6.7, Cubase 6.0.2 - everything works fine in 32bit mode but i had to encounter that I don´t see any of the 32bit plugins (Instruments & Effects) running 64bit Mode, they are simply not available anymore and don´t show up in the plugin-information window.
before the reinstall I was able to use the 32 bit plugins with the VST bridge

what is going on? any ideas?

thank´s in advance


MacPro 2x2.8 GHz Quad Xeon 10Gb Ram

Aloha Moe

Curious one.

If your Mac is running in 64 and C6 is also running in 64 then
I would say off hand to try re-insalling C6.

That might re-install the bridge properly.

Other than that, I got nuthin.

But you now have me thinking about the fact that even tho’ I now run in 64 bit,
my C6 (with the bridge) was installed while the mac was in 32 bit.

So I wonder if installing C6 on a Mac already running in 64 bit affects
the VST Bridge installation?
Probably not but you never know till you ask.

Can any one else chime in on this?

well I had 10.6.x (10.6.6 it was i believe) installed already when I switched to C6 and did a reinstall back then as well, so I don´t really think that´s the problem. I´ll try reinstalling C6 as you recommend, maybe it will help. wonder if I should have installed the 6.0.1 update before the 6.0.2? but I think in the description it says 6.0.2 contains everything so you don´t have to.

been working on a nice track in 64bit recently and 32bit simply won´t handle the kontakt load

thank´s a lot so far, I´ll come back after C6 reinstall

ok here we are back again and everything is fine. the reinstall didn´t exactly help, so I switched the “Sort by manufacturer” thing off in C6´s prefs and then refreshed using the plugin information window, took some time but now I´m up and running again. :smiley:

cheers, moe

ok nothing works, plugins available in 64bit mode but wont launch, vst bridge doesn´t open.

that s**cks

ok figured it out, installed both 6.0.1 & 6.0.2 (rename app to keep version). then copy vstplugin.manager manually from 6.0.1 to 6.0. 2