32bit float files from Zoom F6 make Wavelab ends

I have just bought a Zoom F6 and recorded a 32bit float 48000 Hz file and try to open it in Wavelab Pro 10.0.20.
When Wavelab try to open the file it just ends. No crasch is seen when it finish.

Try to create a 32bit float 48000 Hz project but that didn’t help Wavelad just ends when the file from Zoom F6 is loaded.

Please send me a link to your audio file, so that I can analyse the problem. Thanks.

Forgot to tell that I have Windows 10 version 1909 and the latest update.

Is there another way to send the file. Even that the file is just a few seconds and zipped it is still to large (11,6 kB) to attach.
Got “ERROR File too large”.

use https://wetransfer.com/ and send me a PM


Any news about this problem? I have a same problem.


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