32bit float recording


I am Looking to upgrade my phone since my current one does not allow 32bit float input recording from my zoom f3.

Are there any smartphone that natively support 32bit float recording on Cubasis? This is possible on the 2021 iPad with usb c, and I am wondering if it is also possible on the new model iPhones? I’ve tried on iPhone 11 but it didn’t work, and the same also on my samsung m51 even though it’s usb c.

Please suggest compatible smartphones especially one with decent video capturing capability since I am going to use the phone on my next trips as a video camera and audio recorder little machine.

Hi @Xiauhai,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays.

Actually, there should be no issues to use the 32-bit setting, when using an external audio device supporting this bit depth resolution.

Unfortunately we are not equipped with the Zoom F3 ourselves. You may check back with our friends at ZOOM regarding the topic. Of course, I’m at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes, if required.

Hope that helps!