It really doesnt


32bit plugin support creates stability issues. Also because most of the time it concerns older plugins that haven’t been updated for years. Alternatively there is jbridge which is better and more stable than the Steinberg VST bridge has ever been. Or if you don’t want to spent the enormous amount of €14,99 install a copy of CB 8.5. IMO it’s actually a non discussion.

This topic sure brings out the silliness in people.

First, the only reason using 32 bit plugs can be unstable is because Cubase’s native 32bit bridding app sucked. I figured out way back on Cubase 7 that I could dramatically increase Cubase’s stability by removing it from the Components folder.

Jbridge, on the other hand, works flawlessly. And I still use 32bit plugs without issue.

The real silliness comes from those arguing that 32bit plugs are somehow obsolete and that we should move on.

To those folks I would just ask, have you seen Moby’s vintage synth collection? If not, I recommend Googling it. It’s awe inspiring.

Can you imagine telling Moby he can’t use his vintage synths because they’re obsolete? Can you picture how ridiculous that would sound?

We are fast approaching the age when old VST plugins are starting to qualify as “vintage.” And for those of us artists who love them, being told that we shouldn’t want to use them is as ridiculous as telling Moby he shouldn’t want to use his Roland Juno-106.

And to highlight the irony of all this, I should add that one of my favorite “vintage” plugs is the Steinberg/Wizoo X-Phraze. This is one of the coolest synth plugs ever made. And it will NEVER be converted to 64bit because the Steinberg/Wizoo alliance that created it no longer exists.

Now, with all this in mind, I still don’t find it such a big deal that Steinberg has abandoned 32bit. Why? Because, as I said, Jbridge works fine.

But in the big scheme of things, it really is astounding that, in the year 2017, Steinberg has both failed to make their software strong enough to handle 32bit plugs, and failed to grasp the value in doing so.

Agreed. BUT - man… I must say my projects are seriously hampered by the lack of it.

I disagree sir. There are a few 32bit plugs that I still use to this very day because there IS NO better alternative. Quadrafuzz V1 and Overdrive are definitely two that come to mind.

Otherwise, I agree 100%. I don’t understand why Steiny just doesn’t make 64 bit versions of their valued older plugs. THEN ixnay the 32 bit plugs, that way NO ONE can complain. Like Quadrafuzz and Overdrive. And don’t say Quadrafuzz 2 because it isn’t NEARLY the same, and doesn’t have nearly the same ballsiness.

THATS what we need. Someone to take all those legacy 32bit plugs that we ALL STILL USE, and port them over. I’m no programmer so I wouldn’t know where to begin on this.


Although, I MUST SAY… you’re not helping our case with the Atari logo my friend. :laughing:

This a well known phenomena. “My cat has died and he was the best cat ever there was in the entire world. There’s no way my cat can ever be replaced because I loved him so much.” The truth is that there’s always a new cat you can learn to love. You just have to get used to the thought that your cat is gone and you have to move on to another.

This is the story of life! And it hurts but at a certain point you have to move on or get left behind.

It’s the same with 32 bit plugins. You know 'em so well and you know all the ins and outs of it and you think it can’t be replaced…but the truth is there’s much better stuff out there today. You just have to go look for it and keep an open mind when getting used to it.

I really hear you and I know exactly what you mean! I’ve had my share of grief leaving 32bit applications behind but you have to move on because 32bit applications are dying. Hoping that Steinberg will make a 64bit version of your deceased pet is just a stay of execution and even if they would there’s absolutely no guarantee it’s going to be exactly the same?

Go look for 64bit alternatives! There’s loads of them out there. You just have to learn how to configure the chosen one to do what your former pet did so well. And maybe along the line find out that your new pet is able to do so much more other exiting stuff your old one wasn’t capable of doing?

Apart from not seeing it as important I’d guess that they no longer have the rights to these plugins as they were often written by or in conjunction with outsiders. I’m pretty sure this is the case with Quadrafuzz at least.

Well… this is wisdom for sure, and I agree. Just want that old cat I guess. hahaha

Well, then you can bring your old cat back to live and more healthier than ever by spending €14,99 on Jbridge? It’s actually a nobrainer? :smiley:

Asking Steinberg to bring back your old cat in a different reality is going to be much more complicated and is most likely never going to happen? And if it does it’s probably not going to be the same cat you once knew?

Everyone keeps saying jbridge lol, cubase legacy plugs don’t work with j bridge?


I do use Jbridge, and it is actually better than the old Steiny bridge in most cases. The one problem I do have is a plugin to provide a pink noise reference that I use to do the “pink noise mix reference technique” to quickly get a reference mix. The plugin still works in Cubase 9/Jbridge apart from the GUI does not show, but as I have a preset set up, it has not been an issue so far in C9.

Whilst I am mostly 64 bit, I have about four or five 32 bit plugins that I could not be without, including three Steinberg Plugins! :open_mouth:

So Steinberg plugins: Virtual Bassist, Virtual Guitarist, Groove Agent 3. I paid good money for those, so the day I cannot run them in Cubase I will be quite annoyed. the good news is that so far they run pretty well in JBridge and Cuabse 9

The other key one for me is a 32 bit Moog Taurus VST which is no longer developed, but sounds amazing. Oh, and the final one is a VST for Wind Chimes.

So I guess that my response to this thread is, so long as Steinberg do nothing to break JBridge, then we are all happy. :slight_smile:

Moog Taurus was nice but have you tried the Arturia V collection or IK Mulimedia Syntronik? It will really blow your mind! I paid very good money for my Korg 01/W bank manager for Atari back in the day too but unfortunately I can’t run this anymore. Nor can I use my Pentium 2 processor anymore that cost me about $1000? This s#it is just plain part of live.

It’s old s#it that at a certain point really gets outdated. If you really can’t live without it than I suggest you just keep a copy of Cubase 8.5 on your drive. But I strongly suggest to start looking for alternatives. Because it’s out there…

No thankyou. 64-bit-only has been good for me in so many ways.

With CB 9.x I’ve achieved new levels of stability with Cubase. Not perfect, but a noticeable step-up to a new league, compared to the 32-bit era. I don’t want to go back to the bad-old days. I do however want Steinberg to continue to focus on bug fixes and performance optimisation.

Sure, campaign to have your developers re-purpose old 32-bit legacy plug-ins as 64-bit.

…and continue to use J-Bridge, if it does what you want for your old plug-ins.

Don’t forget, I didn’t start this thread, and I actually DON’T want to bring back 32bit life. I’m just lamenting my beloved plugins BUT!! Out with the old, in with the new I suppose. :slight_smile:

But duly noted on JBridge, I’ve actually never tried it, even though I did buy it a few years back when I thought that using 32 and 64 bit plugs in the same project were going to cause problems.

The guy has a point about the vintage section, just because your studio has a new update shouldn’t stop you from using your old gear, Regardless of wether or not you’re a 64bit fanboy - also abit lame people suggesting to try alternatives ( i know you’re trying to help) but thing is people don’t want alternatives

Or get VE Pro

Denis van der Velde - Supports this!

Yes, i use JBRIDGE now for 32 bit plugins. A pitty that we cannot Switch on 32 bit plugin support in C9.
Specially i have SX3 tracks/songs and C6 tracks/songs. I kept all very tidy. But the plugins 32 bit that did not work was a hassle.
JBridge Helps and works, but is a in between step. I support bringing 32 bit plugins back…
Specially when you have old material…

I’d rather sign the petition for people stop using Windows XP, Vista, all sorts of outdated software and 32 bit.
Stop moaning about it and live in the mod