32bit plugins not showing in 64bit Cubase

My impression was that 32bit plugins are usable by 64bit Cubase. The odd thing is that my 32bit plugins are not appearing in the 64bit version of Cubase. My plugin folders are all the same as in 32bit Cubase, but some vsts aren’t appearing.

Does anyone know how to get them all to appear?


Just use plug-in manager and add the (x86) VST folder in the VST path.

vst paths set correctly?
trash preferences or blacklist xml file to prompt a rescan
try reinstalling the missing plugs
if all else fails try jbridge.
more info about what plugs / system specs / OS / etc would also be helpful.


I have Cubase 64 pointed to the same vst folders as Cubase 32, so they should all show up I feel. I am running windows 10, 16gb ram, i7 processor.

have you rescaned al your folders with the plugin manager ? go to plugin manager …bottom left is an arrow …click and then to the right there is a rescan knob

are they in c: program files ( X86) / vst pluginns or

c program files / x86 / steinberg / vst plugins ?