32bit plugs no longer work with v9?

Hey guys,

so my Camel Audio plugs, and some other vst synths have disappeared from the menu to insert on cubase 9. I have read cubase is no longer supporting 32bit vsts… Is there any work around to use 32bit plugs, or our only option JBRIDGE? is anyone using jbridge with 9, if so any problems or it is working ok? I remember years ago on v6 we tried jbridge, and it was a headache. I cant recall exactly what the problem was those years ago, but I remember it was a pain.

There have been many reports of JBridge working well with C9. However it is important to have no C9 path to the 32 bit folder so that C9 only see’s the 64 bit JBridged version. I my experience, admittedly a few years ago some plugins work better than other and the older 32 bit Cubase Native plugins won’t work at all.

All Camel plugins came as 64-bit, did you keep installation backups (as they, ahem, told all of us to do, since they were to be …assimilated by Apple)? If not, a quick google could perhaps help you with finding them.

As for jbridge and 9, yes it works without problems here, but I only use it for the old Intelligent Devices plugins.


Can anyone from Steinberg answer just WHY 32bit plugins can’t be supported? I know some plugins caused problems, but I used many of 32bit plugins in 8.5 without ANY signs of trouble. Now I have to jBridge them all and face crashing C9 almost every 20 minutes.


It required a bit bridge that didn’t work fine and made Cubase less reliable.

Many of these plugins were created many years ago on obsolete operating systems using outdated coding. I had no end of trouble with 32 bit plugins and made the decision to move on.(All my Variety of Sound Collection)

We’re better of having greater stability instead of support for very old plugins. There is still the possibility to have Cubase 8.5 32 bit installed side by side with C9 Pro!

I have to say that when I looked for replacements for the 32 bit plugins I had been used to using I was amazed at the quality of the new 64bit ones. I certainly had no regrets.

Exactly my thoughts!

Just because something worked just fine for you does not mean that in general it works fine. :wink:

Yep, going 64bit was the right thing to do - but I do miss my Variety Of Sound plugins - they are (were sniff) magnificent.

Yep, So pleased that they are not wasting anymore resources and manpower on this outdated unreliable stuff. Going totally 64 bit a couple of years ago was the best thing I ever did (exaggeration maybe). Cubase faster and a lot more stable.