32bit vs 64bit

Hi guys

I sorry to tell you, but the vst bridge is not doing its job properly for me. E.g. NastyVCS is a nice channel strip which fails gigantically. I bought JBridge as this seems to do a way better job for me
Now, I have 2 questions
a) can I recognise if a plugin is a 32bit or 64 bit plugin? I want to run all my 32bit through jbridge and only load the jbridged plugins
b) if I made a project with a 32bit plugin and I have now moved to a jbrdiged 64 bit (making sure it has the same name, so no .64 at the end or so) , will cubase automatically take this 64 bit jbridged version?

A bit of topic, is the VSTBridge in C6 better? The only reason why I would upgrade is the comping tool, so up to now there was no need. I also dread the fact I never managed to port my setting from one version to a newer version

kind regards


A. Just look in jbridge and see which plugins you jbridged.

B. Not really understanding your question. I believe your project will open into the Cubase version it was last opened in. If not, just open the Cubase version you want and access the project from it.