32bit VSTi on C7

I have a couple of VSTi’s that did (and do) work in C6.5 and will not appear in C7. What I’m doing wrong?

Go to C: drive/Users/your name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 7 or Cubase 7_64 or whatever.

Scowl down and open a file called: “VstxBlacklist Cubase”

If they’re in there that means Cubase has black listed them for some reason. You could try trashing that file and re-opening Cubase. Sometimes works.

Good luck.

C7 has had problems finding some VST2 plug-ins that were placed into a folder by the user. Before trashing the blacklist, try moving the “hidden” VSTi’s out of whatever folder they are in so they are in the root VST Plugins folder. If they do show up, try slightly renaming the original folder they were in, then put 'em back in.

If they don’t show up…then try trashing the blacklist.