-330 miliseconds how do I apply this to a logical preset?

Hi all,

I’m presently going to use a new string library in Cubase 5. One of the patches in the legato section, was recorded to have a slow legato transitions. However, to use a midi file where everything is quantized, I need to put a 300 millisecond delay onto the track, otherwise, the start of each sample will be -300 behind the beat. I can do this easily by going up to the track delay area and inputting -300.

However, this means that I would have to be limited to use the slow legato patch on that track only. There are ways around it - by splitting the one track into two by duplicating them, and having them play the same midi channel, but having one channel with the slow legato transitions on one midi track, and the normal speed on the others. However, it’s a little hard to do this, so I’m wanting to make a logical preset to solve this.

I’ve tried to make a logical preset in Cubase - I’ve attached a screen shot of this, but I just don’t know which parameter I am to use to get a -300 millisecond delay to be added via a preset to specific notes when you apply the preset. I’ve tried using the “position” choice under the “action Target”, but I’m not sure if this is what I’m needing to do to get a -300 millisecond delay to be put on the notes.

If anyone can help me here, I’d be really appreciative on any advice someone can give me to solve this.

thanks and best,

Logical preset for String Library in Cubase.JPG