3770k vs 4770k

I’ve seen conflicting reports on how much better 4770k is for DAW.
Scott at ADK reports a 70% increase in performance (dawbench report below).
What sort of performance increase have Cubase users seen?

Dawbench RXC test DAW Bench : DAW Performance Benchmarking

4770k @3.5GHz (stock)
8gb Ram
Cubase 7.0.3 (also tried 6.5 and it was the sme)

120 RXC @32 Buffer
134 @64
142 @128
143 @256

for comparison

3770k @ 3.5GHz (ivy)
70 RXC @32 Buffer
80 @64
96 @128
113 @256

3930K @3.2GHz (sandy E)

133 RXC @32 Buffer
143 @64
145 @128
156 @256


There’s no single number describing “how much better” one processor is when compared to another. It all depends on application and when it comes to DAW usage it depends on buffer size. As you can see from Scott’s numbers, percentage varies from 70% (64 sample buffer) to 25% (256 sample buffer). You could except this value go down below 10% when using very large buffer, since in “pure CPU speed” 4770 is less than 10% faster than 3770.

And we haven’t even talked about audio hardware/drivers, which may have significant impact on the figures.

So your question is pointless. You should ask:
“What sort of performance increase have Cubase users with brand X model Y audio interface with sample buffer of Z seen between i3770 and i4770?”

Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll find many of those who have made this comparison. :unamused:

120 RXC @32 Buffer
134 @64
142 @128
143 @256

these look like the OCed numbers to me trying to find them…

well that’s right from the gearslutz thread I posted. for some reason I didn’t remember the 4770 being that much better.

also why do you ask? if you have a 3770 I would wait to upgrade

Thank Scott,
I have an option to make a straight exchange to a 4770k in a nice mini itx box for no cost.

Only concerns with that is lack of PCIes (1) and cooling.
I have a mondo cooler on my 3770k I could just OC it to 4.5 if I need.
I was attracted to the haswell 4660 GPU I do zero gaming I could free up a bus.
And of course futureproofing.

I’ve been on MR816 for 5 years but am looking at UR824.

I would wait a month or so for the new Haswell ‘E’ series 8-core and X99 chipset…

Sept 14th and most likely only the higher priced processors will be released first $1000+ and maybe the $600ish one.

I’m not going to dump $1000+ on a new gen for a while.

Curious in anyone saw the ~50% increase in plugs at low latency with the 4770k.

I run a lot of VST insert fx on live inputs at 32samples so the low latency performance is critical for me.
Those test figures are compelling enough for me if they are somewhat reproduceable.