3D Analyser Amplitude Views Wavelab Elements 9.5.15

I upgraded to 9.5.15 from 9.5.10 recently and found that the 3D Analyser has a glitch. (unless this is no longer a feature)
When switching between “logarithmic” and “linear” views I noticed that there is no longer a difference in the views. I got used to using the decibels view for low end roll off. Perhaps that is bad practice?
I wasn’t able to upgrade to 9.5.15 and leave 9.5.10 in situ so I had to remove 9.5.10 before I could install 9.5.15 only to find out that it had this issue.
This was an unworkable “bug” for me so I have had to remove 9.5.15 and reinstall 9.5.10.

Actually, it works, but a bug has been introduced: the new analysis setting does not trigger an update of the display. You can force the update eg. by resizing the window.
I will not this problem to be fixed for next update.

Yeah, I just found that out!
thanks Philippe.