3D analysis


I know that all files are unique but I would to know
could you tell me if this file has a good balance of the frequencies when we see this analysis :



Couldn’t tell really - how does it sound?

It sounds good but I don’t know if I really could approve my ears or my eyes :slight_smile:
Just tell me if for you there is an issue or not when you see a such analysis.

Trust your ears !!!

Like I said, just a picture says nothing. If this is the analysis of a symphony orchestra it might not look right; if it’s a single bass guitar it could be right. Impossible to tell.

ok it’s a soundtrack for a tv spot.
Maybe it helps to see if there is a wrong balance between high and low or medium.

I undestand.

Thank you.

What I suggest is recording a passage of something that is currently on the tv - something you are wanting to compete with sonically. Then put it into WL and look at its 3D image. Compare the two.

Good advice.