3D Headphone production

I am about to produce a radioplay in 3 D just for headphone playback. Is this possible with the onboard tools of Nuendo? I am using a trial version the spatial audio designer by Tom Ammermann. Are there other tools out on the market?
Thanks for your support in advance.

Perhaps this:

But: listen to Kraftwerk 3D - Der Katalog (Bluray Audio)
This was convincing. Absolutely. Headphone surround tracks were made using
SAD from Tom’s company. In a youtube video Tom talked about this.

The progmetal band TesseracT uses another 3D binaural headphone
surround system on their latest CD “Sonder” (special Ed. 2CDs). But
I don’t know what kind of equipment or software they used.

Sennheiser AMBEO Orbit