3D menu opener? Menus can be like Blender*?

Hi !!!
I’m crosse with a lot s software (3D, Video, Atmos…) and in Cubase was 1.0 in 1987 on Atari :slight_smile: Computer Monitors are starting to be huge (resolution wise) and to all-time try to look in small top track with menus. Easy to magnify (losing resolution) but it is nice to press a key and the menu bar comes on the screen (Blender, Maya…), It is readable and easy to go ahead, I’m working with Dell dual Xeon with 40 cores, 64 G ram Nvidia Pro card, 3000 by 2000cca resolution and 4K Sony 72 inch!? (Menu can be put on other monitor TV?) TV. SSD 1TB. extras…

Another topic? Nuendo support on multi-processor Workstations??? Utilize all cores not to say Audio performance is in red? and not all cores are in use. I think is a special Win 10 for those machines (Xeon. XX) and will be nice to look at them. ( Reall multi-cores usage!) Special in Amos work. THX!

And All best to hard-working Nuendo All teems!
Nuendo rules.

ps. way Dolby isn’t given a 96 Khz support in Atmos renderer. ( I’m again sad like I was beside a rim of Iron Cetian (Former Yugoslavia-Zadar). Pro Tools is a derivat of Cubase (Video editing Vs Music composing?) which the DAW as shud be- NUENDO!
All the Best!