3rd Generation Focusrite Scarlett Interface.

Just spent alot of money on a new scarlett interface and…at least with cubase I’m going to need some help. The project I’m working with is only 18 tracks…all instrument tracks with soft synths. I have a reverb plugin on every track. That’s all! I had this project running smoothely on another machine with a saffire interface no problems. The highest buffer setting is 1024 in the mix control. With that setting I still have clicks and pops. Then I did research and found that Focusrite’s usb drivers tend to not be that great. Regardless, before I take it back for a refund I was hoping there might be some settings in cubase I could adjust in order to get it to work.

  1. Turned off asio guard
  2. put asio guard on high
  3. Turned off multi proc support in Kontakt
  4. Tried the steinberg generic asio driver, this actually was better but not perfect.
  5. ran latency mon…have no interrupt problems.

    Any ideas? I have a JBL m-patch and using the generic asio driver with usb I have no problems in cubase 10.5 Why would a leading manufacturer create a nice product and then not write good drivers?

Windows 10
Cubase 10.5
Dual Xeon workstation With 64 gigs ram
Samsung EVO SSD’s

Tried to change your ASIO buffer size (in scarlett mix control or equivalent ?)
How milliseconds ?

yes 1024

I would say there must be something interrupting the CPU usage such as virus scanner, File History, de-fragmenter, etc. With that machine, and the project described, there shouldn’t be issues at 1024 buffer setting. I had a 1st Gen Scarlet that ran just fine at 128 with projects bigger than your test project. Maybe a Windows update was downloading or something… IDK but I just don’t think it’s the audio interface.

Focusrite tend to have amazing support. Contact them. I had an issue with the Novation Audio Hub (I forget what) they remote accessed my PC and swapped out the drivers for Focusrite drivers and all was fixed.

I’ve just ordered a 3rd gen 4i4, here’s to hoping there’s not an actual issue.

I tested the 18i20 3th gen for a couple of days and it worked just fine.
I did not choose it in the end but i had a smooth running of real time audio with it,
In the past i had lotsof dropouts with a nvidia graphic card which i swopped for a very cheap AMD radeon and gone where all my audio troubles.
So maybe it is your graphic card or maybe the usb bus controller software. Make sure all your drivers are up to date.
I really liked the focusrite but i did not like its routing options.

What latency does cubase say you have ?