3rd party AU: Cubasis 3 crashes upon opening of projects after iPadOS 14 update

Hello Cubasis team,

[edited post 2020.09.21]

After updating to (iPad)OS 14 from 13.7, Cubasis 3.1.3 consistently crashes on opening several projects that were created prior to the update. It hangs during the plugin loading dialogue, and then crashes.

Cubasis problem/issue report

  1. Summary/Title:
    After iPadOS 14 update Cubasis 3.1.3 crashes on opening several projects that were created prior to the update

  2. Description:
    Several projects created in iPadOS 13.7 that contain auv3 plugins (instruments and effects) will hang upon opening of the project while displaying the plugin loading dialogue, followed by a crash. When closing and restarting Cubasis and attempting to open the same project, the plugin loading dialogue will seemingly hang at a different plugin, but always crashes. Some projects containing (to a large extent) the same auv3 plugins open without problems.
    I have tested the behavior by temporarily removing the crashing project from the Cubasis folder, which allows me to open Cubasis with an empty project. I have then tested every single auv3 instrument and effect plugin I have and all open just fine. I have also created a test project containing multiple tracks and auv3 instruments and effects. This test project opens fine as well after closing and reopening Cubasis.

  3. Expected Results:
    I expect all projects created in iPadOS 13.7 (containing 3rd party plugins) to open in Cubasis 3.1.3 in iPadOS 14, since I have observed all auv3 plugins to open without problems in Cubase 3.1.3 in iPadOS 14.

  4. Actual Results:
    Upon opening, projects crash.

  5. Environment:
    iPad Pro 12.9 1Tb 2018 (same behavior observed on iPad Pro 9.7 1st gen)
    iPadOS 14
    Cubasis 3.1.3

Thanks for the warning.

Yes appreciated!

I updated my original report. It seems some projects created in iPad OS 13.7 containing several tracks and auv3s (instruments and effects) do open fine. All auv3s open fine in Cubasis 3.1.3 in iPadOS 14 in an empty new project, which is why I wonder what is causing the crash in some projects.

Hi kimeiroma,

Thank you for your message.

There is a good chance that some AU plug-ins are incompatible with iOS 14, but we need to check this.

Since you’ve noticed that some projects open fine, you might be able to break it down which 3rd party AU plug-in or plug-ins create the problem.

If possible, please provide us with a project which crashes Cubasis to home screen, to allow our engineers to reproduce the problem.
Please upload the project or projects via AirDrop and let me have the download link via PM.


Hi kimeiroma again,

Our engineering is unable to reproduce the problem.

If possible, please upload a project wich shows the problem and share available crash logs with us too.
Please upload the files via DropBox and let me have the download links via PM.

In addition, please check if the following workaround helps to solve the problem:

  • In the iOS Settings app, go to Cubasis 3 and enable “Load empty project on next app launch”.
  • Launch Cubasis 3, ignore the error message, an empty project should have been created.
  • Load the project that got stuck before.

Please let us have your feedback.


Hello Lars,

Thanks - I will upload a couple of projects that are crashing Cubasis. I will send you the links via PM. The “Load empty project on next app launch” setting I wasn’t aware of. It is effectively the same as temporarily removing the crashing project to another location to get an empty project, which I tested already. I tested this specifically as well and the same behavior is repeated.

Question about the crash logs: should a crash log be created after every Cubasis crash, which contains the date/time of the crash in its name? I am only finding logs with older (previous day or older) dates.

Thanks for your support!

Hi Kim,

Thank you for providing us with the example projects, which have been shared with our engineering.
Normally, the logs contain the exact time/date, when the crash happened.

Stay safe
& best wishes,

Did you ever find a solution? The same exact thing has happened to me on my last 3 tracks and I ended up deleting the app and losing all data.

Did you ever find a solution? The same exact thing has happened to me on my last 3 tracks and I ended up deleting the app and losing all data.

Hi justinsmart34,

The original reports were created back in September. Cubasis 3.2 has been released on Dec 21, 2020 and resolves many user-reported problems.

If you encounter issues, I suggest to file a separate bug report, using our bug reporting form.


Hi @justinsmart34,
I can confirm that all my issues were solved by iOS 14.2 and Cubasis 3.2. Cubasis 3.2 is running super stable and performing better than ever on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018. I was able to continue working on all my projects that were giving me trouble previously.

Hi kimeiroma,

Thanks for your feedback, which is helpful for us and might be for other users too… :slight_smile:

Thanks again
& stay healthy,

But I now have the same problem. Ipad Pro 10.5 first gen, PadOS 14.2 and Cubasis 3.2.1 after freezing on me opening a project it is now opens frozen despite restarts and doesn’t allow adding tracks or opening any projects, new or existing.

Hi @Iliavr,

Please provide us with a detailed report, using our bug report form below.

Alongside, please feel free to share the project and/or a short clip that visualizes the steps and problem. Here, please upload the files via Dropbox or similar, and provide me with the download link via PM.

Important: Make sure to add full correspondence.


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