(3rd Party Issue) Cubasis 3.5 Midi input not controlling selected track

Unfortunately Cubasis is not limiting midi input from my midi controller(arturia minilab 3) to my selected interapp track, it’s basically playing all of them.

There are other bugs here which make this app nearly unusable for any professional recording…

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Did you try this?

Nearly unusable… ridiculous statement.

yes of course I did Captain Obvious.

I have also marked each midi input to none on the tracks I have already recorded.

You’re welcome for the help. So good to see your intelligent posts, such a positive addition to the forum. Jerk.

yes yes - it is I the jerk… Perhaps you should use a mirror…

And - I rtfm so I wouldn’t waste others time when asking questions. I try to be self reliant, resourceful and respectful when warranted.

Cubasis 3.5 on an ipad is massively buggy compared to Digital Performer or Logic Pro X on a professional platform. It is honestly barely usable. Have you put out anything using it?


Check your attitude. Anger management issues?

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Possibly - and congratulations on getting things to function…

I can’t be the only one experiencing this - I am on latest M1 Air Ipad and using iProphet, iM1, iWavestation, iSem, and Nave.

I load up all external apps and every project this happens. It’s clearly some software bug…

This is NOT a Cubasis bug. It’s the way Core Midi works and has always worked…
IAA/Core Midi apps ‘hijack’ the Midi Input ports and there’s nothing Cubasis can do about it.

May I suggest contacting Korg and asking them to make iM1 and iWavestation AUv3 compliant?
…same deal with Arturia but they have apparently abandoned iProphet same deal with Waldorf and Nave.

iSEM runs as an AUv3 and behaves a bit better.


Aha… Right. Thank you for the educated response - I will definitely take this further…