[3rd Party Issue]I can’t believe apple is telling me I have to repurchase cubasis 3 again

Long story short I told them, I still have cubasis 3 and I just want to keep legit and also have it on my iPad. But they wont rebill me because I had a problem with the account, and its not fair…I really can’t stand the App Store. I hope steinberg can do something, maybe like an edu teacher thing to submit to apple and let me get my purchase back

I sent steinberg the receipt, I just hope they can do something for me

Hi c-holdz,

Cubasis for iOS is exclusively distributed through the Apple App Store.

We know the Apple support to be very customer-oriented.
I suggest to get in touch with Apple again, in finding a solution to the issue.

If you have purchased Cubasis 3 already, there should be no reason we know off, having to repurchase the app again.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,