[3rd Party Issue] NOISE and Cubasis problem

After all was updated (iPad OS and Cubasis 2), NOISE plug-in is freeze…
No any respond at all(((

Hi Mitikas,

Thanks for your message.

Please give it a try to launch the NOISE app on its own first.
Once done, it should appear and work fine with Cubasis 2.

Please let me know if this helps.


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Hi!! Thank you for your answer, but no(((((
Its not help((

Noise Melody is fixed at this Dynamic Pad and its possible to play on it, but thats all. Change sounds is impossible(
Noise Drum same situation and no ROLI style pad.
All other plugins is working properly. And Cubasis2 too.

Hi Mitikas,

Thanks again for your message.

After exchanging with our engineers, the issue seems to be related to ROLI.
We suggest to get in touch with them to inform them about the problem.

Best wishes,

Thank you, Lars!
I asked ROLI “support”)))
Thats all, what I got from them…
“Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of several issues with NOISE. However, our team has shrunk as a result of the COVID impacts and we haven’t been able to dedicate development resource to NOISE. It’s something our product team is reviewing and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused”.
Its really funny.
And nothing.
I had one special Great Idea more (for situation, if no any support can help me).
Reinstall NOISE.
Restore its sounds.
Starting NOISE (before Cubasis2).
Starting Cubasis2…
But everything same.
NOISE is frozen.

Maybe your engineers can think again?)
Just a little bit.
I really hope for them.

Hi Mitikas,

Thanks for your message and update.

We’ve notified ROLI about the topic ourselves.
Unfortunately there’s nothing more we can do about it.

Stay safe,

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Hi Lars!
And if I try to remove Cubasis2 and install it again? Maybe the problem with NOISE will go away? But what will happen to my Projects in this case? And all the information in my Cubasis2? Can it be copied somehow and then returned back?
And another question - can I install Cubasis3 LE for free and without additional purchases? Will it conflict with my Cubasis2 or not? (I want to check NOISE with Cubasis3 LE)
Thank you!
And Happy New Year))

Hi, Lars!
In principle, I have already tried almost everything by myself. I installed cubasis3le without any problems (no, it didn’t even connect NOISE, I have a version with 30 minutes, so I couldn’t check the performance of NOISE in this way, alas), but I know that if I delete Cubasis2, I will lose my Projects (I don’t know how to save them and then return them back to new Installed application).
But I really enjoyed working in cubasis3le with Keyboard Shortcut from the keyboard. A great reason to buy the third version (on sale, I will wait)) And now to the point - why, by analogy with the desktop version of Cubase, do not work on increasing/decreasing the standard G and H? This is absolutely necessary!!! And F and J are also very necessary. Why is numpad practically not involved? I really want it to work exactly the same way as on a large Cubase!!! Absolutely the same. And it would be very good to have support for an external separate numpad on usb or bluetooth.

Hi Mitikas,

Please get in touch with our friends from ROLI regarding the NOISE issue, which is unrelated to Cubasis.

Hope that helps!


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