[3rd Party Issue] Should i be able to use Final Touch in C3?

I cant.
Even if i open it first it wont work. It just loads as a black window with a logo on it.

Hi Davebass5,

Thank you for your report, which I’ve shared with the Positive Grid support.
Please make sure, to let them know about the issue as well.


Hi Lars.
I have emailed them as well, but my question is should i be able to? Ive got it working once and then it all froze up and i had to force quit Cubase.
To be honest i don think Final Touch is working properly under IOS anyway. Its just that i wanted something that adjust the stereo width and i have this app.
I noticed they were fixing in back in 2018 to work with Cubasis, but the i cant find the outcome.

Hio Davebass5,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis fully supports Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit and Audiobus 3.
It depends on Positive Grid, what formats are supported and if the app itself works with other apps.

I’ve found a video from Doug (thesoundtestroom) using the app with Cubasis via Audiobus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRGdESOPtt8
Please note that the video itself is from 2014. But it might be worth a try checking out the Audiobus option here.

However, since we’re not equipped with Final Touch, I’m unable to give you a decent answer here.
So it might be worth to wait for their feedback.


Hi Davebass5,

For your information, I’ve received the following feedback from the Positive Grid customer support:
"We no longer support Final Touch and we’re going to leave it as-is."

Best wishes,

Thanks Lars, i had a feeling they had abandoned it. Not been updated for ages.

Hi Davebass5,

Please note that we’ve just released Cubasis 3.1 which comes with a Master Strip Plug-in Suite, free for existing users:


Hope you will enjoy the update!