3rd Party Midi Drum Loops Triggering incorrect Drum Sounds

Hi when iusing groove agent 5 se audition midi drum loops from 3rd oarty producers,like Groove monkey,ezzdrummer etc ,some of the loops are ok and other loops are playing incorrect instruments,is there any way to sort this problem

It’s probably an octave mismatch, i.e., midi note 60=C3 for Steinberg, yamaha and others, midi note 60=C4 for the rest of them.

So try transposing the given notes

Steve I’m thick as mince and my head is now mush, thanks for your tip, i tried and some notes just landed on the same pitch as existing notes, I think I am going need to understand mapping in the drum editor in more detail,I’m sure you are the same as me,when I am auditioning drum loops and they are incorrectly mapped It defeats the purpose of quick auditioning,I dont know if there is some mad macro that can be set to help with this problem,but I think greg ondo is the only guy that could sort that, its really annoying when a notes pitch is out by miles,once again many thanks for your assistance

Heres a link to some 3rd party drum maps
Might help with some stuff