3rd Party Plug-ins Do Not Load After Crash


I previously mentioned an old issue that I managed to work around with the help of Audiobus 3, and of course the issues are still visible but it still needs to be improved on. This current issue that I am having is something out of my control, and it usually starts with Cubasis 3 crashing all of a sudden. I refreshed everything and went back to it, only think that has been changed is the Sample Rate (which was always 44.1 kHz but I just have to click on it again for the project to sound better) and the Bluetooth / AirPlay settings turned off (that i had to turn on again, the whole process is a huge inconvenience). Once I tried to load the effects again, it simply would not load no matter how long I waited. So I proceeded to refresh everything again and do the same process and still nothing loads. I do not want to attempt to load another project because I do not want to avoid the issue in question and that starting a different project does not solve the issue at hand. I hope this problem gets fixed, thank you.

Hi @Yodo,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with the exact steps to reproduce the problem, or let us have a short clip which shows the problem (and the steps to make it happen).

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