3rd Party Plugin Presets Lost

I saved a bunch of native Cubase presets of Arturia synth patches so I could browse them in Media Bay. But after a fresh system install the preset settings have apparantly been lost. These Cubase presets are now just playing the Arturia synth’s default patches.


What exactly do you mean by “fresh system install”, please?

You allways have to know in what directory your presets are…
And create backups…

Plug-in presets
Project templates
/Users/your_username*/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9.5*/Project Templates
FX chain presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Audio/Steinberg/FX Chain Presets
Channel strip presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Audio/Steinberg/Strip Presets
Track presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Track Presets
Factory presets
Plug-in presets
/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies
Plug-in sub-presets
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg
Project templates
/Applications/Cubase 9.5.app*/Contents/Project Templates
(Right-click on Cubase resp. Nuendo in the Applications folder, select “Show packet contents” from the context menu.
Templates for specific hardware
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Project Templates
Further Steinberg presets (Logical Editor, MIDI-Plug-ins, Input Transformer)
/Users/your_username*/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9.5*/Presets

I mean I reinstalled Windows. All my presets backed up to One drive. So I restored my Arturia presets in the Arturia browser (which should be irrelevant in this case) and I restored my Cubase presets. I can see them in the media bay. But while the titles are there and they load the correct plugin, that plugin opens with it’s default init patch rather than whatever the settings I saved were. Its like cubase remembers the name and the plugin but has forgotten the settings for the patch.

It can be also turning around, arturia has forgotten the presets location, the presets must be copyed to the correct location arturia looks at. So arturia is given the preset by media bay, it does not load it actually because it looks at the wrong location.