3rd Party Plugins vstPresets - Lets just do it together!

Ok, there’s a decent amount of us who would love to have our 3rd party presets as cubase presets so we can use in media bay etc now there are so many of us compared to Steinberg support staff I say we band together, make and share! I’ll make a wish list (which others can add to) and if just pick one plug-in each (SSD CLA compressor for example), open save return, open save return, open save return. I’m sure in no time at all we’ll have the vast majority catalogued. I’m not talking about filling in all the meta data available just do whatever you can and be sure to paste the exact same name and only do factory presets. I could create a GitHub or even just a link to a simple shared iCloud or Dropbox folder. Who’s in?


Hi, I do too find the idea of creating and sharing vstPresets excellent, so sure, you could count me in!
However, I don’t see much interest (if any at all) in the community, and I do get the reasoning: nowadays most VSTis have good to brilliant preset browsers on their own, so we don’t need to get into the hard sometimes process of creation, especially when tagging gets into play.
On the other hand, mediaBay is an excellent approach to have comparisons between similar presets from different manufacturers, with previewing, so, yeah, I do believe in it! I should even mention that the idea of browsing through a unique window is appealing and can also be implemented in the midi remote.
Lately, I did get into creating vstPresets, here are some small videos I’ve uploaded, let me know if you’d like to test on your system the creation process of plugins shown.


Oh my goodness, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to make but no luck as yet; everything has needed a workaround which tells me it’s no good. The best luck I actually had was a watch me do in Automator which I then made into Apple script but it had problems. How do you differentiate between the different plugins values? Do you need a map file or something? Can you share with me?

FWIW, and contrary to your Youtube post, I think there is great interest. Even if the conversion is just a secondary method or back-up. I find advantages/disadvantages for both .vstpreset and any 3rd party system.

This looks extremely interesting to me as well. I have just purchased both pigments and the v collection.

Hi, not sure I understand this. Could you please explain it a bit?

Hi, I’ve been checking all over the net for vstPresets, I didn’t seem to find any for the plugins I work with, and this made me believe there’s no great interest. Happy to know there is.

It’s a direct conversion from Arturia’s to vstPreset files, with the advantage of having the tags there as well.

Interested to know the disadvantages of vtPreset files, let me know.

Curious to know why you would prefer mediaBay instead of the analogLab wrapper of Arturia. Mind explaining this a bit?

One that comes to mind is when a 3rd party developer updates his VST. Same VST just a newer version. Then the .vstpreset won’t work in the newer version while the developer has taken the time to convert his original format presets to the new version.

Another one would be if you work in another DAW.

Ah, sure. This is why my utility checks timestamps in order to reconvert the new/replaced ones if needed. But yeah, it’s not an automatic update, user has to run the app.
Furthermore, when we do know how a vst handles its presets, the conversion gets trivial thus fast enough to perform it upon every plugin update, at least when the release info suggests changes in presets.

I think that vstPresets are handled as expected by Ableton Live as well, though not 100% since I’ve never used it in reality. Oh and I’ve just checked an old version of StudioOne (4) I have, it correctly recognizes vstPreset files.

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I didn’t’ even know other DAWs would use .vstpreset. I guess I assumed it was proprietary for Cubase only. Good to know as the only other DAW I have used is PT.

Now…do you think this is possible?

Prior to UADx, there was no way to convert a UAD preset or UAD bank to .vstpreset. Now that UAD is selling out it’s not that big of an issue assuming more tools will be converted to UADx.

By timestamp, do you mean it looks at the identical title of the preset, then checks to see which is newer?

Haven’t tried it, though I have to guess it would need some effort but certainly possible.
Did you try creating a vstPreset using Cubase and then comparing the two files? Sometimes things are pretty simple to catch, other times, less easy, but you never know…

I have a small db which holds filenames and creation timeStamps. I do then compare with the given directory’s files and check for changed ones, exactly.

The program you’ve shown, it must be specific to those 3 plugins because obviously they are different, consist of varying parameters and controls? Ie once you’ve got it working for the Arturia plugins you couldn’t just run the same program on say Neural DSP plugins?

Being able to convert into other daw preset files is a bonus, I use reason, ableton and logic regularly but I say (if I can) we just focus on VST preset files for cubase as it’s most likely our everyday go to otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

The vstPreset file format is well known to all DAWs actually. In fact it’s something that makes me wonder why it’s not widely followed by manufacturers.

Currently I have two active apps. One is exclusively for Arturia’s VSTs. The other one is for VSTs which have an NKSf integration. So,

if they do have NKSf integration, i.e. you can see them inside Komplete Kontrol, then, most probably my app will work for them as well.

The best approach when we don’t know or can’t identify the structure of the presets, is actually what you’ve already proposed: Click->Save. The thing is that if we want this to be done in large volumes, we have to a) automate these clicks, because we still need the name of the presets, and b) tag afterwards.
Here’s an older video which does clicking:

BUT, this one again uses Arturia’s db to correctly identify the presets. As you can see I’m pasting the presets names in order to go to the stage of saving. Tagging comes afterwards, again based on Arturia’s own tagging system.

I guess I might prefer Arturias own program for Arturia plugins, but I would like the presets to be available in media bay as well, so I can search for sounds across different platforms, if that makes sense.

Sure it does :+1:, this is actually the main reason that I’ve done the conversion.

No. I avoid programming. 25 years ago NI Reaktor sucked my musicianship life out of me. Never again.

Maybe the FXP/FXB format is too old today to consider spending time working out a converter to .vstpresets? I don’t keep up on this stuff. I know UAD uses it. Robs Albino uses it or used it.

When I looked around a few months ago I was surprised no one as @fese even found out has created such a converter.

After my Quick Look at it, and I’m not a super coder or anything, but I got the feeling ‘converting’ the preset in a coding sense from one thing to another would be more time consuming than it’s worth because every plugin (manufacturer anyway) is different. If it didn’t kill my hands or I had a 16 year old desperate to earn some money to buy a car, I’d pay him/her to simply ‘load preset 1, copy name, save cubase vstpreset, load next preset 2, etc etc.
I got this working pretty good just with an apple script which was just pulled from a ‘watch me do’ action. You might have to do a watch me do for each type of GUI plugin, but the good news is that takes 5 seconds, so it’s still worth it. I got stuck on automatically saving the vstpreset with the exact same name. I’ve got an idea on how to solve it but I’d need someone’s help who knows Apple/script or something similar better than I do. A third but more unlikely was if we could get a bot or something that has image recognition, see knobs, look for text underneath, find equivalent and save but again, by the time you got this working I think you’d be chasing diminishing returns

Oh and for the names, all plugins will have a preset folder in audio/xxxx/presets etc, usually they are in alphabetical order as is the list on the plugin. So if you select all and copy then paste into excel or apple script or whatever you’re planning to use that’s your list and as long as you start at 1 they should name all correctly. The area you get into problems is when the plugin has subfolders and stuff like that. Which isn’t a problem necessarily, just a bit more work. I opted for a simple number system when no did it, save as 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. and once they were all done, i did a rename from list in the finder cause that’s much quicker for me anyway.