3rd party plugins with Cubase right-click support?

With Cubase stock plugins you can right click on any control, and get menu to assign it to QC or to show automation for that control.

I’m looking for 3rd party plugins, that have support for right-click/Add to QC+Show Automation.

I can see that all FabFilter plugins have this, and it works great. Are there any other 3rd party plugins that have this option?

Is there a list of plugins with full Cubase support available anywhere?

As far as I know any VST3 Plugin supports this. In the Plugin list VST3 Plugins are market with a “|||” symbol.


JHP, I have plenty of VST3 installed on my system, but none support this, although they all have “|||” symbol.
I have some Waves, Brainworx, Plugin Allieance, Melda Production, Voxengo, Slate VMR… all these are VST3, with “|||” symbol showing, but NONE of those work with right-click assigning to QC.

Even Voxengo CurveEQ, which is bundled with cubase, and is VST3, does not have this right-click functionality in my setup.

So I wonder if this is the case only on my system, or do others have the same situation? For others, are all VST3 plugins working with right-click assignment to QC?

In this case the information that this is a VST3 feature is not correct. I can confirm that it is not working with all VST3s. As a workaround you can open the generic editor without a GUI if you click on the button all the way in the upper right of the plugin window. From within here the function Add “xyz” to Quickcontrols always works.


JHP, yes it works fine from generic editor. Actually switching to generic editor works for all plugins, even for vst2. But some plugins have a lot of controls, so it is hard to find often…

Is there a shorcut key to toggle between generic editor and graphic plugin editor? Somehow I cannot find it in Key Commands.

Actually, it would be really handy if any last touched control would be accessible at top of main plugin window. So there is no need to switch to generic editor and back. On the top line, where there is activate button and R/W and preset name and menu button, there could be small button which would be linked to generic editor, and would always show the last touched control. This way one could just quickly touch any control and then just right click on that button above to assign previoulsy touched control to QC or view automation. This would work the same for all plugins, VST2 and VST3.

This feature must be supported by the plugin developpers. It is not always part of VST3.

No, I couldnt find one.

That would be a great FR and worth a mockup.


JHP, if you like the idea, can you maybe place a FR? I think if you place it to proper persons, it has a much better chance of being implemented.

No, this is not true. A future request from the community outside is the same as an FR from me.
Yet, if you whish i will enter it in the database for you.

Does the attached mockup address what you actualy mean?

JHP, your graphics is spot on. Exactly what I had in mind. Could be even smaller, if space is an issue, could even be just a button (simple graphics like that triangle for menu), without value and label.

It would be great if you can enter it in database. Thanx.

Ok Done… :smiley: