3rd Party Plugins within Cubase LE 9.5

I currently can’t load my 3rd party VST plugins. I do see Amplitube, but it is not loading Guitar Rig 5, or Line 6 Helix NATIVE.
Are 3rd party VST Instruments supported with LE? Comparison charts indicate they are supported. However this page leads me to believe they are not.
Adding VST Instruments (not in Cubase LE)https://steinberg.help/cubase_ai_le_elements/v9/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/vst_instruments/vst_instruments_adding_t.html

Every reference to VST Instruments on this page states : Not in Cubase LE

However all the forums I read seem to indicate people are doing it…
I did install under c:/Apps instead of Program files. VST plugins are in their default c:/program files directory. I can try re-installing Cubase under My Programs if VST plugins ‘should’ load.

I would just like to confirm, should I pay $50 to upgrade to Elements, in order to run VST Instrument plugins, or is that not the issue?

The reason that page says not LE is because you can’t load them from the menu option it’s describing. There is no Rack instrument option, only track so you just right click and add instrument track in the track list.

Make sure the dll are in the folders you think they are and make sure that vst2 plugin path is entered in plugin manager.

If that doesn’t work give some specifics…which plugs, what location exactly are they installed, are they vst2 or vst3.

oh and make sure they’re not blacklisted.

Thanks that worked - the only thing not showing up now is Guitar Rig 5, but that thing goes corrupt and needs resinstalled about every month, so I’m good. :slight_smile: