3rd party plugs in C6 curious

I haven’t ordered my upgrade yet but I was curious if anyone can confirm if some or all of these plugs work well in C6, especially if you froze and unfroze something, and whether it was C6 64 or 32, thanks.

Melodyne latest
BFD2 latest
Superior 2 latest
Trillian latest
Toontrack EZmix latest
Komplete 7 (+The Mouth) up to date
Izotope Alloy and Ozone latest
Arturia (minimoog v, arp2600, moog modular, etc) latest
Voxengo (Gliss EQ, Elephant) latest
Sonic Charge microtonic latest
Rob Papen (Blue, RG) latest
Antares AVOX latest
Applied Acoustics (String Studio, Tassman) latest
7 Aliens Catanya (latest, was always buggy but works in 5.5.2)

too early for this?

Probably, since only a handful of people have received C6 yest. I don’t see, though, why any of your listed plug-ins would not work with C6 if they worked on C5.

yea you’re right. I guess I’m just getting a little antsy and it’s always nice to hear some positive plug in compatibility stories.

As far as I can see, they all will work, if you run Cubase 6 in 32 bit. All my plug-ins work fine in 32 bit. There are some plugins that don’t run in 64 bit - like all my Waves plugins only run in 32 bit mode, as far as I can see.

thanks haraldsson.

I just saw a thread saying Melodyne crashes C6, can anyone else confirm or deny? http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2880