3rd party vst 3 note expression

Hi guys and gals

Using cubase 9.5

Just double checking that 3rd party vst 3 synths such as fab filter twin 2 and waves flow motion have vst 3 note expression? If so, Is this implemented in the same way as halion 6 and retrolouge? Where note expression can be the source in mod matrix and then any parameter available as a destination can be used with ‘channel rotation’ in the note expression tab.

If so then they will work wonderfully with my Linnstrument 128 in MPE mode.

Thanks for any help


In theory, every VST3 plug-in developer has an opportunity to implement it the very same have. It’s on the plug-in developer side, if he implements it or not. Please ask the plug-in vendor/forum.

Ok cool martin… i shall make some enquiries!

Thanks for the help