3rd party vst tutorials?

I was looking at the manual, and strange enough, there was no mention about how to handle 3rd party VST.

Sure, it does tell you how to load VST, and then rescan, but that’s all. From what I can tell, when I open a VST on Cubase, there is a UI that “contains” the actual VST plugin, so say I load Kontakt or Analog lab; that UI is incorporated in the own Cubase VST window, and I found nothing in the VST section of the manual, about how that window handle VST.

For example, loading a VST that is part of cubase, fill the fields in the containing window, showing presets and other controls. But for 3rd party VST; it shows nothing. Why is that? Is this normal or do I have to register the plugin somehow so Cubase knows it and integrate it? As is now I can use the VST no problems with the mouse; although I end up relying on Komplete Kontrol for example to assign CC and such; or to the VST in the Arturia collections; which is OK, but for many other vst that does not offer CC learn (like Dexed for example), I am forced to use the mouse to operate them, and I was hoping there is a way to teach cubase about those plugins, so I can control their parameters with a midi controller instead of with mouse and keyboard.

Am I the only one to have this problem of not wanting to use keyboard and mouse for VST ? :slight_smile: I found very little on the subject on the forum, so I guess everyone here just use mouse and keyboard to operate those VST? That is great in some cases, but in other cases, especially when composing, it is a pain to switch from your midi controller to the mouse and back to the controller.


Your questions are mostly on the plug-in side. How the plug-ins are implemented.

This depends how the plug-in is implemented. The plug-in has an option to provide the DAW the list of presets. If the plug-in does it or not, it’s up to the plug-in manufacturer.

In VST 3 standard, the developers have the direct access to this feature. So they can implement it easy. It depends on the manufacturer to do it or not. With VST 2 the way is not so straightforward, but the option is there too.

You can use Cubase’s Quick Controls.

thanks, so since the presets were clearly not configured for the DAW, is there a way for me to do so?
Or do I use quick control directly? From what I can read about quick controls, they are working as midi CC, but I didn’t try to use it on a UI element of a plugin, versus a control for a parameter.

Will give it a try; thanks!