3rd party VST3 instruments and the right side "media browser"


New Cubase 12 user so bear with me if I use the wrong terminology.

I have a question about this thing:

If I click on VST Instruments I get this:

Notice that Massive is not displayed correctly but the Cubase items are.

If I click on HALion Sonic I get this:
Media Browser 3

If I click on Verve I get this:

All seems good.

But if I go back and click on Massive I get this:


Is this just the nature of the “browser” with 3rd party instruments or is it a “bug” or “installation issue”?

Thanks VERY much.


Yes, that’s normal.

Watch this great guy for more …


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You can make a snapshot by clicking the camera symbol when your plugin GUI is opened. In this case when you see the Massive X window. Then you will also see a nice picture of Massive there instead of a place-holder.

Try just not to click but drag and drop the picture of Verve, Massive, etc. into the arranger window. This will create a track and open the instrument GUI window. In all instrument windows you can open presets as well. And then also the presets of 3rd party plugins like Massive. You can even drag instruments inbetween two tracks and it will create the instrument track right at the right place. In case you didn’t already know…

The video shows in great parts the Media Bay that you can access by pressing F5. It will give you access to all Steinberg presets, all your Samples and User presets. When you clicked on the pictures in the right Media tab, as you mentioned in your post, you essentially got the query from the Media Bay for that specific instruments presets.


Thanks for the info. The camera feature is new to me. It works a treat.

And the drag-and-drop of an instrument is all new and it works as well.

Does Cubase prevent third party products from making use of the media browser OR is it just that the third parties don’t bother to make it work.

Massive, for instance, has it’s own “browser” and it shows all of the presets that I was expecting to see. But it would perhaps be nice if all brands of products worked the “Cubase” way.



Yes indeed, but …
The VSTi’s in the Media bay are all tagged to allow filtering and sorting. That’s a lot of work …
A ‘non Steinberg VST’ is added to the Media bay if you make it a ‘preset’ though …

Third party plugins have to support VST3, AU and also AAX, but those are incompatible regarding their internal presets handling, and then all the DAWs don’t necessarily support all the features of those plugin formats,. So the only viable solution for plugin developers is to create their own preset system to be compatible with all DAWs and plugin formats.

Thanks to all for the explanations.

Light is beginning to dawn.