3rd party vstpresets in media bay

Hi Forum,
I have been reading about some lists that are available form other users for download in order to get my NI products to show up and play in the cubase media bay. Even with the lists provided I am not sure how to proceed. But even more fundamental; many of the lists I saw are outdated and the plug-in versions I have a in some cases far beyond than supported by the lists.

My main questions is: Can someone explain to me (step by step if possible) how do I generate a vstpreset list from any 3rd party plugin (how are this list generated, how do files have to look like, etc) and how to I proceed loading them such that the sounds show up in media bay and actually play? Since I am new to this please assume not much per-knowledge.

Thanks a lot for everybody making an effort.


There is a little box to the right of the preset box. Click that and select Save Preset. Type in the name. That preset will now be associated with whatever instrument is currently being used. In Media Bay you can now browse that patch without loading the instrument. Double clicking in Media Bay will load that instrument + patch as an instrument track.

The legacy preset window can have a long list of presets, or you could load an FXB to fill it up. If you have that long list, you can batch convert all patches in the drop down to VST Presets in one go.

unfortunately for most of the newer NI vsts you need to convert each preset one by oneā€¦