3rd party vstpresets

There is still no better way around to import 3rd party plugin presets into mediabay - in particular native instruments komplete - other than mouse clicking through the vst and vst hosts menus, right?

It’s a special kind of pain in the neck since there is no way to automate it (autohotkey or the like) via keyboard commands, you have to automate mouse clicks, add deliberate amounts of pause and pray the next menu is there before you send your next mouse click. so you either end up with very safe 5-10 per preset which is completely unusable for some ten thousands of presets, or set it to shorter values and have to do every one manually so you notice the ones going wrong.

What are the other native komplete users doing about this, throwing mediabay away? How do you categorize your favourite plugins, since kompletes only possibilities are clicking the favourite star (no rating no folders) or saving every single preset to your personal library (also no folders).

Y’all gave up and use excel or is there any better solution since I don’t find anything that really works.