“This update… reintroduces the tempo editor in the Key Editor, restoring one of the Play mode editors that have been missing from the brand new implementation of Play mode in Dorico 4.”

“The MIDI pitch bend editor is now available in the Expression and CC section of the Key Editor.”

“The Open Recent page of the Hub now supports a list view in addition to the familiar grid view…”

Hot damn. :+1:


I was thrilled to wake up to the 4.0.30 announcement. I’m particularly happy about list view.

That said, I think there needs to be some sort of auto tucking or something, because if you have long file names and multi-step bread crumb trails, the path completely obscures the titles of the files themselves:

Fortunately, I have my monitor in landscape, so I can extend the window. But if this is on my vertical monitor there is no hope for it.


You could of course enlarge the hub window. That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

As I said, “I have my monitor in landscape, so I can extend the window.” which I have done. But even then, on a 27" 4k display, some of my longer file paths still collide. A simple horizontal scroll bar could solve this issue.

In other news, I’m quite happy to discover that the scroll bars in light mode have been drastically improved!

I am struggling to understand what this means:


doesn’t appear - because it has been modified?

Sorry for being so thick, but I’d really like to understand this better as instrument IDs always affect my template. Would it be possible to provide an example or explain a use case, @dspreadbury? Many thanks!

It addresses the issue we were discussing in this thread:

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Thank you, this is wonderful!

“Views When opening an existing project with the tab bar showing, Dorico once more correctly
restores the last-saved view and zoom level in each tab.”

Not fixed here.

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Perhaps you could attach a project in which you find this still to be the case. The cases I was able to reproduce, we have fixed.

Was able to get it to reproduce with a minimal file created in 4.0.30

Scroll test.dorico (557.1 KB)

Should open near the one rehersal mark…instead

That project (the original Rubenstein 2 project you attached) does indeed open with three tabs showing, Violin 1, Full Score, and Bassoon 1, with the Full Score active, and it opens looking at rehearsal mark 36 as you describe.

Likewise, your “Scroll test.dorico” project opens up with rehearsal mark 1 in view.

Configuration related issue maybe?

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It looks like this remaining problem may affect only Windows. I will look into it further.

Daniel, I discovered what might be considered a bug. I decided to expand my hub window to avoid text collisions as demonstrated above. In doing so, I also extended it to the bottom of the screen. The consequence is that if I try to select a key signature when creating a new project, I cannot see the bottom of the list, and the list does not scroll, so half of the key signatures are cut off. There are obvious workarounds, but I thought you’d want to know.

I just changed a double bar to a final bar, then Dorico 4.03 crashed. Here’s the diagnostics.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.3 MB)

Added: Note that when I loaded the recovered file into Dorico and tried the same bar change, it was ok.

Daniel, I’m experiencing this problem on Mac OS. I’m on Dorico Pro 4.0.31. When I save a file, quit Dorico, re-launch Dorico and open the same file, the window is scrolled to the beginning of the flow rather than where it was when it was saved. The zoom level is preserved, but not the starting scroll position.

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Same here. Mac OS 12.3 (Intel), Dorico 4.0.31. I have a file that has 22 flows with some 850 pages. I’m currently working in flow 22 (on mm 386). After saving the project and then closing it, on reopening the project, it opens with flow 1, bar 1 front and center. It’s easy enough to jump to the flow and bar number I’m currently working on, but it’s somewhat irritating.

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I suspect that whatever problem remains may be specific to the particular combination of settings you have chosen. Can each of you please attach the project in question so I can see what settings are preserved in the project?

Hi Daniel,

The file I will try to send you is heavy in graphics (the size of the file is about 60MB) so I will strip those out and see how much the size is reduced. Is there a limit to the file size I can send?

A fresh problem… might need a new thread but I’ll introduce it here. When I went to stip out the graphics starting in Flow 1, I was horrified to find ALL of the graphics in that flow and subsequent flows were gone. The graphic frames were there but they had no content. I’m unclear how this happened. I thought, well, I can open an older file (pre Dorico 4) and see how that looks. The graphics were there (up to flow 17 - there are 22 in the file with the missing graphics). So, great, D4 can import flows. And it can BUT the flows it imports are stripped of all text frames and graphics frames. Sigh. It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. In any case, I will send you the file as soon as I understand from you the size limit.