4.0.45 still crashing when trying to go to 'Manager' page

VST Connect was working better after I installed the hotfix a couple weeks ago, but it started crashing on me today. Same steps - I try to go to the Manager page to get the HD files, but it freezes, then Cubase quits. It looks like Cubase produced a dump file today. How can I send it in to be looked at?

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Hi to all using 4.0.45!
for me the problems getting bigger than before, with 4.0.44!
So i’m waiting now for 2 month for solving this problem, to get HD Files without crash.
Ok, i’m sure, they’re all doin’ hard work on VST Connect.
We have to wait…

Hi Rob,

can you please have a look to your project and check if an VST Connect audio-event (HD or NET) has an offset?

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Hi DVance,

Sorry, if GetHD is still buggy. We already have improved GetHD in newer builds. Could you please remind in which kind GetHD troubles you?

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Hi Michael, sorry, I’m not sure how to do this. How can I tell?


your original VST Connect recorded files are called “NET” file. If those files are replaced with GetHD the are called HD files. The files have an offset and a length. You can change those attributes. Click to the files and check the info-line. You should see “Offset”. If one if the files have an offset, the manager can crash. Sorry.

See you

Hello Michael,
thank you for your response!
I sent you the crashdump from my last session at 1.9.20.
My problem was always, that VST Connect and Cubase crashes immediately, when i switch to tab “Manager”.
That problem was already in version 4.0.44.
In our first and only session with version 4.0.45, we have some connection problems too and a video problem also.
In the connection problem, the performer couldn’t connect with me “completely”, so he can hear my cubase music, but he can’t write data to cubase.
Sorry, i can’t explain it better.
We deinstall 4.0.45 on both sides (Connect and Performer) and then we reinstall 4.0.44.
After that, we have a good connection and video performance, but the switch to tab Manager for “Get HD Files” crash Cubase as i’d described before.

I went through all of the recorded files that we’ve done so far, but I don’t see that any of them have an offset (see attached photo). Is there something else I can check? I’ve tried repairing, removing and re-adding VST Connect from the project, but it still crashes. It also doesn’t seem to produce a dump file anymore - is there a way I can get it to create one? Thanks again for your help.

Hi - looking at your attached image, it seems you don’t have the ‘Offset’ parameter selected to show up in the Info Line. Go to the little cog wheel at right, click and make sure that ‘Offset’ is checked…

Hope it helps,

Thanks Bob! I didn’t realize it wasn’t checked. Turns out all of my audio events have an offset.