4.1.10 No Playback, then Error connecting to Audio Engine

Just thought you guys should know. I got this after updating from 4.1 to 4.1.10 today.
It wouldn’t play anything. Initially gave no errors etc.
After restarting Dorico, it stated “Error connecting to Audio Engine”.
So, I had a vague memory of needing to elevate the process, so I stopped Dorico, and ran it as Administrator (Windows 11). Then it ran fine.
Might be some kind of permissions problem in the installer for registry keys or something.

Hi @adrien, thanks for the info.
With the new Steinberg Licencer there should be no more need to run Dorico with elevated rights. I propose you reboot your machine and then run it as a normal user again. Still an issue?

Hi Ulf

I ran it again non-elevated and it still works now. I never rebooted. So, I think it was needing access to something one time, and so running it elevated fixed the issue.