4.1 score problems

Most of the text frames and graphics frames for my current (large) project are GONE. Early flows in the project seem to be OK but later flows are completely empty of the text frames and graphics frames that were placed. It’s a piano score with (now) 24 flows. When I open the project in Dorico 3.5 the text frames returned but the graphics frames are gone. How do I revert the program back to 4.x until this is fixed?

Does your project use lyrics? If so, then I suppose it’s not impossible that the page layout of your project might have changed due to the fact that lyrics can now occupy more horizontal and vertical space. However, if the pages have overrides (i.e. you’ve added your text and graphics frames on specific pages in the layout) then those overrides should be in the same place and the music may be flowing through differently.

In the end, we can’t give any further insight without you providing us with the project file itself.

I will try to do that. I have an older version of the project that was created in 3.5 that has never been updated to version 4 of any flavor. I will do some testing with that. However, I don’t understand why almost all of the text frames and graphics frames are just gone, though.

I can send the file to you via WeTransfer. There are details of what is missing - mostly all the graphics that were added (the frames still exist in some of the flows) and the fact that after flow 18 all of the text files that precede the exercise section of each flow are gone.