4.3.11 Patch Shortcut

MacOS 10.14.6
(french canadian keyboard)
The last Patch 4.3.11 cause problem with Short cuts…
Arrows to open/close left and right panel do not exist anymore into Write mode!

The shortcut issue has been reported:

Alain, you can open and close the left zone with Command-7, and the right zone with Command-9. If you want to use the mouse, there’s no arrow to open and close the left zone in Write mode: instead, you click the button at the very top of the toolbox. For the right zone, you similarly would click the button for the panel that’s currently open, as clicking it again will close the zone once more.

Thank you,

(Mac OS 10.14.6, French Canadian keyboard)

I’m user since 2017 and I know about - Command-7, -9 and many other shortcut which were working perfectly before the installation of 4.3.11…

In fact, after the installation of 4.3.11 I found the Keycommands.json into the computer trash.
Problems have start from there !

Many of the basic shortcut were not active like: Com-7, 9, alt- minus or plus (for enharmonic), articulations Staccato etc.

After many indications from John Barron and Marc Larcher and my own observations, I have perform a Dorico reinstallation and I return my old Keycommand.json from the trash into his proper folder.

After that, Dorico gradually have retrieve those basic command. I had to reprogramme some of my own shortcut.

Actually things looks working as usual.

Thank you both Daniel and Dorico’s team for your tremendious work.

Sincerely yours

P.-S. Usually I work with Dorico in english rocking my -French canadian- keyboard to -US keyboard-.

Sometime I like Dorico in French but for now I will not take the risk to change the language…