4.3 mac memory

Hello all.

Does Nuendo 4.3 have a limit as to the maximum amount of memory one can use?..In other words, is it useless to outfit my mac with say, 24 gigs of ram when using Nuendo with a MAC 8 core tower ? I saw in other posts that one could only use a certain amount maximum when using windows but im not sure this applies to macs as well.



It applies to all 32bit applications on both OS. You won’t get more than about 3.2GB within Nuendo, at best.

However, OSX needs to have a fair amount of headroom, so 8GB would probably run well.

Now, the other thing to remember is that if you’re using Virtual Instruments, some of them have features that allow you to use the memory outside of the sequencer. Examples are Kontakt (with memory server switched on), or VE Pro, which can host your virtual instruments, allowing you to use the 64bit versions of your favourite sample players.


Thanks DB,

So if i went to Nuendo 5.5 using 64 bit of course, would i benefit from more ram?



Yes, you would be able to use as much as you have installed, leaving aside a couple for the OS. However, do make sure that all the plugs you want to use are also 64bit.