4.3 Quirks/Requests

Hi Dorico fam,

First off let me say that the improvements to the key editor saved my skin on a recent project bumping up against a deadline. It truly is a leap forward and a game changer.

There were a few things that were quirky that I wanted to bring to the teams attention as well as some things that might be nice to have, please let me know if I am able to do any of these already and I’m missing something:

(for reference I’m on win10, AMD Ryzen 12-core, 128GB of RAM)

-Copy/Paste-ing between lanes: IDK if anyone else is having this issue but when I copy from one lane (i.e. CC1) and paste it into another lane (i.e. CC11) it removes the CC information from CC1 as if I were cutting and pasting. I can get around it by re-pasting into CC1.

-Re-Drawing Errors: This may not be super relevant to everyone, since I’m using a wacom tablet to draw in automation lines. but sometimes I’m going back over when drawing and it creates a lot of jagged data points.

-Snap-to-Grid Selecting: One thing I really like about Pro Tools is that with the region selection you can snap to grid and repeat automation by an exact selection of bar(s)

Adjustable Histographics (can’t remember if that’s what it’s called): Once you’ve made a selection with the tool, it would be nice to be able to resize the selection as opposed to drawing a new one

Further Zoom: Would be nice to have the ability to zoom out even further.

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Thanks for reporting the copy/paste issue. In one of our last betas, we fixed a problem with incorrectly overwriting CC data when pasting to a different instrument directly in the score (rather than in the Key Editor), but it caused pasting from one CC value to another in the Key Editor to go wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re not going to rush out an update just now to fix this, but if and when we decide there are sufficient bugs to warrant one, this will be straightforward enough to fix.

When you talk about snap-to-grid selection, are you referring specifically to the transform tool, or do you want all marquee selections to (optionally, I guess) snap to the grid?

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Hi Daniel,

I’m more broadly referring to the marquee selection tool. If I have automation writing that I want to repeat I would like to ensure I’m selecting exactly 1 bar, 2 bars etc before I start clicking “R.” I suppose it would also be nice to be able to snap the transformation tool to the grid as well.

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Thanks for the clarification. We’ll discuss this and consider it for the future.


You’re the man, Dan!

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