4.3 update broke playing through headphones/internal speakers [Windows only]

Try FlexASIO, it’s really good.

FlexASIO did the job for me. Thanks

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Yup, FlexAsio did the trick here too.

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I don’t understand most of this thread, but your suggestion (disable sound effects) did the trick. Thanks!

How can I install FlexASIO on my PC to use it in my Dorico (updated to 4.3)? I had the same trouble with the sound, is just coming from the left box. I tried the advanced setting on the sounds on Windows but that didn’t go well:).
Thanks, Ludo

@Geloen use an installer from the github repository, as @Ulf pointed out above also.

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I really do not unterstand why Steinberg does not provide a better asio driver here. I support about 300 music students at a university. Problems with the GLLAD is my daily business, Very annoying. I don’t think a normal user should be forced to install a driver from GitHup to make software work.
The workaround suggested here only works in about 20% of the problems.

To give a simple answer: Because a generic driver paired with cheap, standard built-in sound chips can never be as good as a proper audio interface with a dedicated driver. The generic driver is just a crutch in order to give users the ability to get at least some kind of audio out of Dorico or Cubase, but if you are serious about audio, then spend the 100$ for a simple but professional quality audio interface. Among Steinberg’s own audio interface line up there are plenty from other highly regarded manufacturers like e.g. Focusrite, Motu, RME, just to mention a few.

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You are right, but that’s not the problem here. The people I support are students and music teachers. They might have an Interface at home. Most of the time they have to work on the go. Especially our students with Dorico. They do not want to carry an Interface with them. It would be an easy thing for Steinberg to supply a usable solution here (see FlexAsio).

Well, at least I can tell you that our developer of the GLLD is currently working on it to use the more modern WASAPI (theAPI which also FlexASIO supports). That will improve the GLLD a lot, though it won’t make it good enough for professional audio, so our recommendation towards an external audio interface will still stand.


Great to here, that’s all I’m asking for. And as I said, we are not talking about professional audio here. Most Dorico users here just need to hear their music, they do not produce any professional audio, just written music.
I totally agree with you on the Interface recommendation. We have our whole university full of Steinberg Interfaces… :wink:

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Hello Ulf,

that does not solve the problem in my case: At playback sound on only one (only left) channel - at export sound on both channels.


Problem solved; just needed to switch to a different driver and then back and now it’s back to stereo.

Just tried FlexAsio. It initially worked but then I discovered that after I had closed Dorico down to work in another notation software and then went back to Dorico the Audio Engine had trouble “initialising”. It had so much trouble that I had to restart my laptop to get Dorico to start.
So that’s a deal breaker with FlexAsio.
As for the windows audio properties; I don’t really know what system you are on Ulf, but I don’t have the option “Audio Enhancemants”. And I’ve triple checked. Been in all corners of my windows audio drivers. No Audio Enhancemants to find anywhere on my system: Lenovo Laptop, Win10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i5 2.30 Mhz, 16 GB RAM, 500GB SSD.
Going to try Asio4all now, if I can find a suitable tutorial on how to use it.
Hope this driver issue is on the high priority list. 'Cause it has by now destroyed my normal work flow.

WASAPI Exclusive is Low Latency, Bit Perfect, Dependable and consistent. Dorico needs this, IMO. So does WaveLab and Cubase. I’m kind of shocked we’re still stuck on ASIO only. This is like refusing to support CoreAudio on macOS.

When composing on a laptop, a $100 Interface is a waste of $100, because I don’t need to record audio. I just need stereo audio out with low RT Latency for playing things in with a Mini Controller and a direct-to-hardware audio path that bypasses the Windows Mixer in that scenario. WASAPI Exclusive does all of that. It has done all of that since 2006. Even Finale supports it, so it can’t be that “new,” Lol.

I don’t use generic drivers because I’ve had nothing but issues with them. Driver issues with budget interfaces are common (i have multiple), and support is terrible. Windows Audio is more reliable and I honestly can’t wait for the day when can be put to pasture ASIO.

I’ve wasted hundreds on interfaces that ended up being unusable on Windows due to mediicre ASIO drivers.

The only reason those Generic Drivers have a purpose is for Steinberg Software and other DAWs that haven’t moved past MME.

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As I already mentioned earlier in this thread, one of our developers is currently working on support for WASAPI in our generic driver. A release is not imminent but also not so far away. We hope that that then will put an end to this everlasting debate.


Well, that bug is sadly also still around in Dorico 5 :frowning:

Sorry about that, but the new driver is in the making. I have already an alpha version of it for internal testing. I can’t tell though, when it will finally get released.

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