4/4 grouping

Hi, I would like to ask you: how can achieve in this example 4/4 instead of 8/8 in order to keep this grouping through the entire piece? I was expecting Dorico will allow me to write in a popover something like [1.5+1.5+1]/4, but it doesn’t. Thank you

The often-suggested workaround is to put a real 4/4 in bar 1. You’ll have to beam bar 1 manually. Then put your [3+3+2]/8 at the start of bar 2 and hide it in the bottom properties panel.

Thank you, pianoleo for your quick response. It works😊 I was just wondering if it would be possible to do it without some workaround. Dorico is a very intelligent program, so I hope one day such combination as [1.5+1.5+1]/4 will work as well😊