4/4 in 6/4

In my quest to master Dorico, I always take snippets of works and try to engrave them exactly as published. My latest exercise is the first few pages of Debussy’s Nocturnes (Nuages) and I’m not even to rehearsal mark 1 and I’m stumped.

The piece is in 6/4, but 2 before rehearsal mark 1, the English horn (alone) has a time signature change to 4/4:
Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 4.46.08 AM

How does one go about inputting this? I understand the math… I tried alt/opt+enter but that creates irregular bar lines.

Any hint?


Everything you need to know is covered in this tutorial:

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Thanks, but that’s for Dorico 1.2 and if all else fails, I’ll follow it.

Has the workflow not improved since then?

No, it’s still the same:
Create a pickup bar with the matching length, in the following bar create the old time signature and hide it, work with tuplets and hide them.

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Dorico 1.2 was already a very capable app… Nested nuplets were second to none since the very beginning because Devs made sure to build Dorico on very strong and healthy foundations.

Thanks, works great.

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Here is the prelude to Wagner’s Parsifal, which has a similar 6/4 vs. 4/4 issue as the Debussy. Invisible tuplets to the rescue!

Wagner-Parsifal-Vorspiel.dorico (2.4 MB)

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