4/4 to 2/4 time signature

Hello! How do I reduce the whole song from 4/4 to 2/4, meaning a quarter note becomes an eights and so on? Thanks!
Could not find it anywhere.

Write mode>Edit>Halve note durations along with a Select all command and insert mode ON (press i) should take you there, especially if there are no tuplets involved…
There have been numerous threads about this, I think. And there’s no reason why Dorico should do that automatically if you decide to change the meter. Those are different operations :wink:

[Edit] my mistake, it’s in the Write menu>edit duration

I do not have Half note durations in Edit

It is in the Write Menu not the Edit Menu.

I tried that already. It just makes the notes twice shorter. I need to reduce, compress I am sorry I don’t know the correct term. I need to “squeeze” it in half where 4/4 becomes 2/4 and everything becomes half shorter.

Changing the time signature and measure length is a separate step from reducing the duration of the notes.

the result is horrible. It just reduced the notes and left the rest of the piece empty. It is easier to rewrite the whole piece.

Now select your time signature and change it to 2/4 with a half pickup: shift-m 2/4,0.5

It is not possible to ‘halve’ the position of the chords because they don’t exist on the stave. But you can move them individually using alt-left (set your grid to half notes and they will move with very few clicks)

Thank you!

Thanks, Marc!

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And then use Write > Trim to zap the extra measures.