4/4 with dashed barlines in the middle

Dear all,

Is it possible to create a section of 4/4 measure where in the middle of each bar there is a dashed barline? So normal barline, two quarter notes, dashed barline, two quarter notes, normal barline…

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You can add a dashed barline at at rhythmic location using Shift-B.

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You can use the Meter popover to type 2/4|2/4 using the pipe symbol to separate the two “halves” of the measure. This will give you a 2/4+2/4 time sig with a dashed bar line separating every other measure.

You can hide the 2/4+2/4 time signature and precede it with a 4/4 measure, so you would only have to add the dashed bar line manually to one measure.

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